After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine in April 1986.

Joel Greenberger, Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, says:.. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine in April 1986, people have been red wine red wine or vodka to neutralize radioactive toxic effects. From the University of from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2008 that resveratrol, found the natural antioxidant commonly found in red wine and many plants could offer protection against radiation exposure, and when they changed administered with acetyl, resveratrol before radiation exposure the cells the cells from radiation in mice.

Nausea and vomiting may occur in less than one hour after exposure to large doses of radiation, followed by diarrhea and high fever in addition to the symptoms of the lower levels of exposure. Force exposure is followed by the onset of nausea and vomiting in less than 30 minutes by the addition of dizziness, confusion and low blood pressure to the symptoms of lower levels of exposure. Severe exposure is fatal about 50 percent of the time.As a proof Funds recoup $ 4 billion again Proof When Government Fraud – Fight operates.

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