Are you prepared for Hurricane Sandy?

Have your important papers handy including insurance policies, wills, licenses, stocks and important medical files that you might need to get in a pinch. Furthermore to important paperwork, the CDC recommends you stock your home with emergency supplies. They are: Several clean containers of drinking water, large plenty of for a three-to-five time supply – – about five gallons per person A supply of nonperishable foods that can last up to five times. Non-perishable foods can include peanut butter, protein bars, dry cereal or granola, nuts, crackers, canned juices and ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables. A first aid package and manual. A battery-powered radio, flashlights, and further batteries.Essential implications emerge – for how epidemics are believed about and represented; for how surveillance and response was created; and for whose understanding and perspectives ought to be included.

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