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In a separate on the breast on chest, 2006, led researchers from the United States and Britain, to preliminary data on a point-of-care test for A1AT deficiency, as little as a drop of blood used by a fingerstick tests provide rapid results. With plasma samples showed the test specificity by providing a negative result with normal samples and a positive result with samples that were abnormally low A1AT medication information . Although the test is still under development, the researchers are confident that the new screening tool allows physicians to screen patients for A1AT deficiency in their offices and obtain accurate test results within minutes. And and correct diagnosis of A1AT deficiency is crucial to the management and treatment of chronic lung and liver disease, but the most important issue associated with timely screening for A1AT sensitize family physicians and pulmonologists increases, the study Jim Jim Carney 2006 is International , Cardiff, used an inexpensive, sensitive and specific screening tool at the point of care, combined with effective A1AT deficiency awareness programs are moving closer to the goal to confirm confirm symptoms A1AT deficiency. The test will be of Talecris Biotherapeutics, Research Triangle Park, developed in partnership with BBI. A1AT deficiency can greatly affect the health and well being of patients, especially undiagnosed undiagnosed, said Mark J. President of the American College of Chest Physicians. It for for pulmonologists and other clinicians to important screening guidelines for A1AT deficiency and recommend appropriate testing for patients accordingly. .

An estimated 150,000 people in North America A1AT deficiency, but only about 5 % of these people have been diagnosed, reinforcing the need for effective awareness and screening programs that lead to diagnosis and treatment.

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