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About the sleep disturbances the sleep disturbances researchers deficiency of dopamine, the researchers tasks mice L-dopa, a drug for treating to improve to the levels of dopamine in Parkinson’s patients. Livestock treated once again brain pattern and behaviors that showing having sleep and dream, in which in dopamine joined sleep-wake cycle , the researchers said. Additional pharmacological Tests have shown that L-dopa exerted its effect Using Docking at a specific position, called which D 2 receptor on the surface of neurones. – ‘sleeping , the first signs of of Parkinson’s disease,’said study leader Kafui Dzirasa, an MD – Ph. Pupils work in Nicolelis laboratory. – ‘By further examination of sleep patterns in animal models of Parkinson’s disease, we come with a sleeping – diagnostic test could see the early signs of disease before before the main symptoms of occur hope to,’he said.