An increase in the understanding of how chromosome abnormalities arise in eggs is urgently needed.

First, an increase in the understanding of how chromosome abnormalities arise in eggs is urgently needed. For several decades we have been aware that common chromosome problems in human egg cells that cause of miscarriage cause of miscarriage, and that they are responsible for diseases such as Down syndrome. But the origins of chromosome abnormalities remain poorly understood A better understanding of the factors that can help to reduce the incidence a chromosomal abnormality, to reduce the frequency us think of ways.

In addition, current diagnostic methods for preimplantation genetic diagnosis screening only information on the chromosomal status of an egg. While this is a very important aspect of the quality of the eggs, it is not the only factor the ability of the egg to lead to a successful pregnancy. The additional genetic information, to which we can derive from the study of cumulus cells us us a more detailed evaluation of the potential of an egg to a successful pregnancy and a healthy live birth.About Lamaze WorldwideSince its founding in the year 1960, Lamaze International foster promote, leaders protect birth through education and lobbying by the dedicated efforts from professional childbirth educator, provider and parents. An internaltional organization with regional, state and networking includes their members time and voluntary leaders, childbirth educator, nurses, midwives, breastfeeding counselors, students and consumer. For more information on Lamaze International.

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Research in a New England Journal of Medicine publishes supports earlier findings that cesarean operating performed before 39 weeks of pregnancy is increased poor outcomes in babies. The Babys born the NEJM study 39 weeks , had be more than 26 percent of complications, including the need for to a ventilator, respiratory distress syndrome, low blood sugar and severe infections . Overuse of caesarean operating difficult to otherwise natural of childbirth, says Lamaze Institute Chair Debra Bingham, so that the natural appear processes reduced not only the risk maternal at this and future pregnancies, practices, including health risks which baby.