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Our new partnership with Elsevier, and the upcoming launch of the Journal of Clinical lipidology, represents a significant step forward in fulfilling the Association aim of international leadership in science, education and advocacy for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in clinical lipidology. A nonprofit new magazine is the full spectrum of topics in clinical lipidology meet today address common challenges help address the common challenges of doctors, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists who manage patients with lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease, Our Mission added Dr. Is to reduce deaths related to high, bad LDL cholesterol and further scope of of the journal will be to improve the practice of lipid management in clinical medicine morbidity and morbidity and mortality associated with atherosclerotic diseases.

Arts in Health Care is dedicated to a diverse, interdisciplinary field transformation healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of art in the crucial moments of their lives. This rapidly growing field integrates the arts – including literary, performing and visual arts and design in a variety of health and community settings for therapeutic, educational and expressive purposes.O Raes, Dehoorne Y, Hoebeke P, 1147-1151ke E, Donckerwolcke R, Vande Walle Y The Journal of Urology 176 : 1147-1151, September 2006?com Medical Notepad Pasquale Casale, disc – links this. UroToday.To download the latest urological Press Releases from UroToday accessing.

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