A school outbreak daily daily flu absence of more than 10 % of the students.

A school outbreak daily daily flu absence of more than 10 % of the students. Possible after a comparison of more than two dozen scenarios for the closure of a school, proposed the analysis, three optimal scenarios: A one-day influenza – related absenteeism of 5 %.

might be the preferred early warning trigger, avoid the need for the transfer with the unnecessary unnecessary closures – Our method would school administrators or authorities as a basis for the timely closure decisions by the escalation of an outbreak with past school absenteeism data to predict, said Hoen. It could be used with the data from schools in other communities to provide predictions. Decision it would be be leave in the hands of local officials, but make them a data-driven basis for such decisions.The researchers found the same relationship between school to sell the candy in vending machines and a whole confectionery consumption of.

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