Because compounds with long residence times should accumulate in bacteria

Because compounds with long residence times should accumulate in bacteria, Dr. Explains that research lead to the development of agents to image bacterial populations in vivo using positron emission tomography . He says that researchers could then continue to monitor the approach and the develop a method for non-invasive imaging of bacterial populations in humans for both diagnostic purposes and also bacterial load during drug therapy and thus a drug effective against bacterial infections chart. Titled Slow Onset inhibitors of bacterial fatty acid biosynthesis: residence time and in vivo activity of In Vivo Imaging, Tonge presentation at the ASBMB meeting highlight his team’s research findings.

A long residence time developed a long residence time inhibitor of an enzyme target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and demonstrated that this compound has antibacterial activity in an animal model of tuberculosis.

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Until of this study there were only anecdotal evidence in that Rituxan is would be beneficial in patients with Vasculits ANCA-associated vasculitis is one of few diseases of the rheumatic type, equally represented represented equally in men and women There can occur in people of all ages. Occurs Rituxan produced by Genentech, is currently approved in the U.S. To handle non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and RA.