Tunisia and South Africa permit abortion.

The mid 1990s Conference of 1994, in which the African countries have committed to women’s reproductive rights, 20 of them have to respect small improvements to the legal framework for abortion. But in reality, the progress is very limited, abortion mostly strict for medical reasons is permitted. The legal conditions for access to abortion have in fact since the mid-1990s deteriorated increasingly restrictive in four African countries. Malawi and Swaziland now have it only as a means of saving the mother’s life. Algeria only accepts it for such a circumstance and the woman to preserve the physical or mental health, as 17 of 41 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2006, six other countries it was banned. ‘ ‘Decide to Catholics for the Right ‘) feminist groups and a civil organization of Catholic women in these countries are the decriminalization of abortion the decriminalization of abortion.

In principle, the practice concerns all women of childbearing age. But young girls are in fact the most affected by unsafe practices. The lack of recognition of their sexuality or even banned simply makes access to contraception complicated for them so that abortion in young women very often. However, scientific data on this question for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean are still extremely patchy. Better knowledge of the situation is fundamental to the determination of appropriate health policy, changes to abortion legislation possible and awareness among the different social actors about the health and social consequences that may be generated by a legal framework that abortion abortion.Principal author, said Dr. Elizabeth Martens:.. 9.6 percent among the patients of of general anxiety disorders 6.6 percent of the patients that do not have an overall anxiety disorder suffered the researchers demonstrated that despite until almost a third of patients with heart disease there is fear symptoms and signs, there were hardly any studies which investigated a link between anxiety and cardiovascular events. The seven hundred and fifty eighth fear of raised risk of complications is not completely understood, the authors say. Thought patients with an general fear interference be better diagnosis for cardiovascular events rather more likely to see a doctor if the symptoms are felt. It could also be reversed, patients with heart diseases very extremely fearful will not their professional and are suffering from complication for lack of targeted treatments.

evaluate and treatment of anxiety can be even be taken into consideration as the part of the extensive treating patients with coronary artery disease. Scared to death Generalized anxiety disorder and cardiovascular events in patients to stable CAD? The Heart and Soul Study Elizabeth J. Martens, PhD, Peter de Jonge, PhD; Beeya Na, MPH, Beth E. MAS; Heather Letters, PhD, Mary A. Whooley, MD Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2,010, 67 :750 – 758th.