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Controlling healthcare costs and enhancing quality are the goals of the existing health reform laws, and care coordination, medical homes, and accountable care businesses are touted as potential avenues for achieving those goals. Atul Gawande wrote in his oft-cited New Yorker content, THE PRICE Conundrum, The lesson of the high-quality, low-cost communities is that someone has to be in charge of the totality of treatment.Man Contracts West Nile A 27-year-old Californian is among the most fifth person to contract West Nile virus in this season is stated by the United. The case reminds us that we are moving into the high-risk season with the arrival of warm weather, state public wellness officer Dr. Mark Horton said in a statement released Thursday. The unidentified man, from Kern County, was hospitalized. The state dept. Of Health Solutions declined to supply further information. The federal government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported four other cases by June 13: two in Texas and one each in Mississippi and Colorado. This past year, the CDC counted about 3,000 West Nile cases nationwide, including 119 deaths. The virus is usually transmitted to humans through mosquito bites.