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Howeverhe heart be affected by spinal muscular , together with skeletal muscles, it may be important to monitor heart function in patients with spinal muscular atrophy . Findings of a study results of a study conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital and are published online ahead of print in Human Molecular Genetics. This is the first study to report cardiac dysfunction in mouse models of SMA.

‘studies of studies of SMA patients , the involvement of the cardiovascular and the nervous system involved,’study co-author Brian Kaspar, principal investigator said at the Center for Gene Therapy at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. ‘However, there are few to no high powered and controlled studies to determine how frequently are in these cardiovascular abnormalities in these patients. The results showed that the restoration of the SMN levels heart rates and heart rates and prevent the early development of dilated cardiomyopathy.. SMA is a debilitating neurological disorder that leads to wasting of muscles throughout the body. Historically, scientists and physicians believed that SMA only affected skeletal muscle, however, suggests new data that this genetic disease can also affect the heart.Yogendra Singh, Director General armed forces Medical Services, J. Of military personnel unruly and aggressive attitude our troops, of the long separation the long separation on family and high mobility, has tightened risks confronts. Bhopinder Bhopinder Singh who said that longer of the country’s soldier have dying from AIDS – related events than for of struggle (Johnson, Reuters.. According to the Times military is until five times more likely than the general population in order to contraction sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, in times of peace, and the risk is greater during the conflict. In addition, two of the nation six countries by high HIV prevalence the northwest of country, where many soldiers are stationed.

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Of India of Defense has launched a campaign to promotion the wives of the soldier to protect himself against HIV / AIDS for the ‘rapid expansion of ‘the disease by market national army, the Financial Times reports. Current data on current data on HIV prevalence Indian military is not available, estimate an explanation of to Parliament over the past year, 028 percent of armed forces the country have HIV – a ‘group ‘of national prevalence reports the Times. According to the Times, India has 1.3 million active soldier, 000 the reserve power Member and 1.3 million paramilitary forces.