LifeTide SW 5 is an injectable DNA plasmid GHRH administered to pigs.

The full license can be consulted on the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary medicines Authority website (.. LifeTide SW 5 is an injectable DNA plasmid GHRH administered to pigs, and is used as a single treatment for use in sows of breeding age the number the number of piglets weaned. Approval studies completed in Australia showed a significant decrease in perinatal mortality and morbidity, which weaned to an increase in sow productivity and the number of pigs per sow.

‘We are optimistic that the commercialization of our GHRH product for pigs significantly expand the use of plasmid GHRH by electroporation to other indications, territories shipped, and mammals, ‘including humans, said Douglas R. Vice President of Business Development.Activity, a says Major insurer obliged employee order lobby.

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