Support for Comparative effectiveness research is gaining momentum.

Support for Comparative effectiveness research is gaining momentum, experts sayNational Public Health experts say[ comparative effectiveness research] health care quality health care quality for patients and physicians outweigh risks and federal money is encourage providers encourage providers participate. .

The Wall Street Journal: A national effort the the what medical what medical treatment is best for the patient to gain momentum, even if many worry the results will be used to ration care. – Has Congress and established the formation of the Patient – Centered Outcomes Research Institute, strict rules in the health law states that federally funded CER results are not used by Medicare to prices or limit coverage of a service set which will be monitored CER financing and protection against ethical violations and through a trust fund through 2019 will be financed..TB – 403 has potential reduce well. The growth and spread of cancer cells – Svein Mathisen, CEO out of BioInvent comments on the deal: We believe that TB-403 has great potential in for the treatment of cancer, with a unique action mechanism targeted PIGF and are happy that Roche has recognized this potential. This agreement underlines our innovative projects innovative projects and to achieve the clinical potential a therapeutic antibody.