The results can enlarge the scope of the investigation.

The results can enlarge the scope of the investigation, such as finding tumors form and progress at risk for at risk for cancer, and how and disable the main misbehavior molecules that drive the growth and spread of cancer.

In the half century old central dogma of molecular biology, DNA issues its genetic blueprint for messenger RNA that directs the requests to the protein manufacturing machinery of the cell. Theer. – point to an important new role of RNA on its traditional middle management job: to be controlled can control the RNA of a gene and by dozens or hundreds of RNAs of other genes.To a recent survey of members of BMA in Scotland, told close to 70 percent of the physicians, to still believed that tobacco control was the main public health problem to Scotland. – 92 percent backed up a campaign about developing and implementing a campaign to address maternal smoking.

– 86 percent supported increase of age of purchase cigarettes from 16-18. Peter Terry, I am glad BMA Scotland said:.