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Because the value of the radiation exposure was of the mice of the mice injected with MnSOD-PL increased from exposure significantly. For example, at 9, mice in the control group showed a survival rate of 53 %, while mice in the experimental group had a survival rate of 87 %. After irradiation to 9, In futured only 12.5 % of the mice in the control group, while 75 % of MnSOD – PL group survived. ‘Intravenous administration of gene therapy to prevent the harmful effects of radiation seems that there is a viable delivery method,’said Dr.

One in three American adults has high blood pressure and two-thirds to three-quarters of dying people with diabetes of some form of heart or blood vessel disease, according to the American Heart Association. – ‘For these two groups, their lifetime risk of high blood pressure is too high,’said Petrella. What we can do to reduce that is important ‘.Told the AMA is a clarification of as promised major public hospital doctor the input decision making, announced when the government, its local hospital Network policies. – Doctors are the best order the needs of doctors, different health professionals and patients knowledge of public hospitals, Pesce said. – We know what work and what does not work in hospital systems.. In decision for physicians into public hospitals Laufen, Australia.

AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce said today to physicians would be a stronger voice in the administration of public hospitals after governments announcement of lead group groups at the local hospital Network.

Lead Clinical group are offer physicians with of their knowledge and their knowledge and experience and the leadership in decision-making order to improve the performance of our public hospital. The AMA looks forward to collaboration with the government in the the foundation of the lead clinician Group and making our hospitals be better for the patient and communities, Pesce said.. We are offering know all the best and most efficient ways to good quality health care to patients.