Researchers on on dark-field x-ray images for many years

‘Researchers on on dark-field x-ray images for many years,’explains Franz Pfeiffer imaging . At EPFL and researcher at the PSI. ‘Until now, these images only possible using sophisticated crystal optical elements. ‘Crystal optics, however, only for a single x-ray wavelength range to work and are very inefficient. ‘Utilizes our novel technology, new x-ray optical components , in the form of nanostructured gratings that allow the use of a broad energy spectrum, including the standard range of energies in traditional x-ray equipment in hospitals or airports,’adds Christian David Pfeiffer colleagues at PSI. ‘This opens the possibility for adapting current imaging equipment to include dark – imaging. ‘.

Pfeiffer with the Center for with the Center for Biomedical Imaging , a joint center with the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva and their associated hospitals, an adaptation an adaptation for existing medical equipment. ‘If with the phase contrast imaging, which we developed in 2006, combines, we now have the ability to the same range of imaging techniques in broad-spectrum x-ray imaging, that we do with visible light. ‘.

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