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Therefore, new technologies have been developed for the transformation of the grains in order to ensure a better use of their potential and nutritional requirements for food safety.. The grain of wheat a heterogeneous structure with biologically active compounds unevenly distributed within its different parts. The bioactive compounds (fibers, micronutrients and phytochemicals mostly mostly the outer grain layers, each of which was concentrated his own compositional profile.

To new dry processing techniques, new tools for new insights in grain tissue composition, structure and properties have been obtained to develop. Identified biochemical markers of various tissues grain , and enables to determine the tissue composition of the technological and fractions therefrom the behavior of the various parts in grain fractionation operations. More rapid methods for fractionation monitoring using spectral signature of tissues are on the way. Monitors microscopy and spectroscopy coupled have been developed local properties local properties of tissues and their interfaces to assist the development of the fractionation with enhanced resolution. In particular the effects of temperature, water content and enzymatic examined. Examined.During this time, an accidental mutation the virus or a combination of bird flu with human influenza could be a strain that moving easy from one person to person and produce high mortality in producing those an accidental occurrence at anytime at any time.

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