The ISAPS Global Survey reveals a new trend with liposuction representing 18.

The ISAPS Global Survey reveals a new trend with liposuction representing 18.8 percent of all surgical procedures, followed by breast augmentation at 17 percent, abdominoplasty blepharoplasty at 13, rhinoplasty at 9.4 percent and abdominoplasty at 7, popularity from surgical procedures, from the country with Brazil, the United States, India and Japan the dominant countries for the top five procedures varies.. The top 25 countries and regions are:1 USA2 China3 Brazil India Mexico6 Japan7 South Korea8 Germany9 Turkey10 Spain11 Argentina12 Russia – 13 Italy14 France15 Canada16 Taiwan17 United Kingdom18 Colombia19 Greece21 Australia22 Venezuela23rd Saudi Arabia24th Netherlands25 Portugal20 Thailandpopular surgical and non surgical proceduresIn the last ten years, the consensus has been that breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure plastic surgery procedures.

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