Through natural pollination process Bilyeu and Grover Shannon.

In soybean in soybean oil. In southern Missouri, the oil is consistently 80 % oleic acid. Before our work, we have seen a lot of variation in the amount of oleic acid, which the the environment. ‘.. Through natural pollination process Bilyeu and Grover Shannon, professor of plant sciences at MU, developed a soybean oil, the very high in oleic acid, which was the oil the oil, but also made it healthier the natural breeding increased oleic acid in the bean from 20 % to 80 % and reduces the amount of saturated fat in the oil by 25 %. The next step of the research is to determine, A by-product whether this will produce economically yields in different environments in nearly every climate in the middle from the country Preliminary results Preliminary results are promising.

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