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Second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer 20-30 percent passive smoking increases the risk of heart disease by 25-35 percent passive smoking almost doubles the risk of stroke.bar more than 3 million people regularly exposed to second-hand smoke exposure of workers to secondhand smoke hand is six times as clerksNon smoking, information please contact smokiest 20 times more likely 20 times more likely of developing lung cancer than the average Non smoking are getting. http://revatio.org/

Northern Ireland: Dr Brian Patterson, chairman of the BMA NI Council said: We are banning smoking in public places, to ask so that innocent people are not victims want action want action and we call. Done at the department level officials to honesty and leadership, what is right show the damage is happening here and now,. Every few weeks every few weeks delay, that we kill another person in Northern Ireland.


A public healthcare plane, the authors encourage mothers that mothers is to to prevent to stop smoking, especially during pregnancy, asthmatic for minimize risk of their children. They also suggest to be genetic association studies for asthmatic should organic analyzes of analysis on a broader understanding the mechanisms of asthma. Tracks of the original article: associates Interleukin – 1 R antagonist gene is and antenatal smoke by asthma.