Americans live longer.

Americans live longer, but may be more susceptible to disability that hinders independence New studies this week claim that more Americans are affected a disability that threatens their independence close to the end of their lives. Los Angeles Instances: A Downside Of Living Longer: Oldest Often Disabled In Last Weeks Don't expect old age to be all golfing and cruises: Seeing that Americans live longer and longer, more of us should expect to suffer some sort of independence-threatening disability in the final phase of lifestyle, two new studies published online Monday suggest . And public health proof for open public smoking bans may be thinner than touted – – Related StoriesStrensiq accepted for treatment of patients with juvenile-onset HPPMinimally invasive implant procedure effective for sufferers with sacroiliac joint dysfunctionDeaths from avoidable risk factors: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHME PBS NewsHour: The Real Reason Behind Public Smoking Bans Summer has officially started and for most, it's time for sun, swimming and sand.

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Americans for non-smokers’ Rights files problems against air filtration companies Americans for non-smokers’ Rights , a national open public health advocacy business, filed complaints on May 20th with the New York Consumer Protection Panel and the New York Attorney General’s Workplace, claiming that two air filtration companies, FailSafe Atmosphere Safety Systems recently published a caution in the British Medical Journal urging nonsmokers at risk of heart disease to avoid all interior areas where smoking occurs. Related StoriesWSU scientist wins federal grant to explore metabolism pathways, tobacco carcinogensExposure to acrylamide through STP make use of much smaller than publicity from diet plan or cigarette smokingVideo gamers widely subjected to tobacco imageryThe U.S.