But that is far from clear.

But that is far from clear , and before entering into contracts, GP consortia must be convinced that provider. The responsibility for compensating any patients take negligently harmed by them ‘It is obvious that such compensation must be adequate and appropriate to ensure patients are adequately compensated, either by NHS indemnity or separate provisions GP GP consortia and patient and consumer representatives can only be sure when compensation comes from an NHS body or by an insurance policy from a regulated insurance company.. ‘The fact that mention both the white paper and the Bill on the modalities for clinical negligence compensation is uncertainty among our members you want to knowcompensation arrangements be given for the services of local consortia in order and to what extent they may be personally liable, it is important that the proposals for change through clear rules for the compensation will to be supported ‘It seems likely The responsibility for clinical negligence claims will lie with of providers and not the GPs commissioning services.

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