Cardinal Health to create fresh AD diagnostic imaging agent.

The business’s advanced radiopharmaceutical manufacturing infrastructure, wide nuclear pharmacy scale, comprehensive fleet and logistics features also enable it to perform a critical role in supporting scientific trials of both proprietary and nonproprietary imaging brokers. ‘We are excited to play a significant role in effectively and safely getting this innovative imaging agent in the hands of clinicians and imaging specialists so they can broaden their arsenal of tools to greatly help in the evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease and other causes of cognitive decline,’ said John Rademacher, president of Cardinal Health’s Nuclear Pharmacy Solutions business. ‘We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to produce and distribute diagnostic brokers like Amyvid because we know that each dosage can aid our customers in the evaluation of sufferers.’ SOURCE Cardinal Health..The British Pregnancy Advisory Service , which conducts around 55,000 terminations a complete year, has welcomed the brand new BMA policy saying it was good news for women. But ProLife Alliance say the move smacks of abortion on demand and the medical occupation should be giving greater factor to the medical and emotional impact on women.. Arthritis Price U.S. $128 Billion In 2003 The nation’s costs for arthritis and related conditions rose to $128 billion in 2003, and the tab will continue to grow as the U.S.