Catasys total revenues increase 118 percent to $433.

Total operating expenses for the first quarter 2015 were $3.2 million compared with $1.6 million for the first quarter 2014, primarily due to higher cost of healthcare services because of increasing enrollment and general and administrative expenses. General and administrative expenditure improved by $1.4 million for the three months ended March 31, 2015 compared with the same period in 2014 primarily because of noncash compensation expense for share choice grants to the members of the panel of directors.. Catasys‘ total revenues increase 118 percent to $433,000 in first quarter 2015 Catasys, Inc.Sankaran to get Rising Star AwardThe individuals were then met with a number of standardized duties involving storage and intellect that enable experts to judge and evaluate how people respond to stressful situations. Your final round of samples was taken up to determine the effects of the experience then. Finally, the very next day, the individuals were called back again to chat about what that they had go through. The experts were surprised with what they discovered. Although the news headlines stories alone didn’t increase stress levels, they did make the ladies more reactive, influencing their physiological responses to afterwards stressful circumstances, Marin explained.