Said associate dean for research and graduate programs at the College of Medicine.

Here is another layer of gene regulation that we really until until recently, and now, if we can understand it maybe know how to use know how to use this technology to identify genes involved in disease states very specifically and to silence. .. Myra Hurt, said associate dean for research and graduate programs at the College of Medicine, Horabin work has a great potential for finding a new way to fight disease.

The fruit has many advantages for such research. Its genome has been fully mapped, cause and effect gene is known and can be studied in the laboratory for cause-effect relationships. In addition, the fruit full maturity full maturity in a few days is abundant, inexpensive, and above all share remarkable similarities to the people at the level where the activity of genes is regulated. – Sometimes we have to admit that the fly gene that allows you to work much like a human gene that is involved in the management of a disease, said Horabin. If the fly gene is regulated in a specific way, then the odds are human gene is regulated exactly the same way. .In addition, the regulated cellular activities which detect Protect compared protein aggregation, academics.

The unexpected findingsKelly, who is the Lita Anne Berg Hazen Professor in Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute a member of his The Skaggs Institute in Chemical Biology, and dean of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies that this new work was a synergetic cooperation between the the working parties at both institutional.