To prevent accidents

To prevent accidents, the researchers explain that rest periods and driver relief should better respected and better planned the routes. Training programs training programs for hauliers and the emergency services staff attending these accidents is ‘very necessary ‘. Learn how animals and would handle their behavior and reactions in situations of suffering and pain and minimize the consequences for animal welfare and human security – .

References: Miranda de la Lama, Genaro C., Sepulveda, Wilmer S.; Villarroel, Morris, Mar one, Gustavo A. ‘Livestock traffic accidents in Spain: causes, consequences and implications for Animal Welfare. ‘Journal of Applied Animal Welfare 14 : 109-123, 2011.

Advice consult: Rural, remotely and Northern Women’s Health: Policy and Research Directions . Available online at: and or contact: 982-6630.

The Center of Excellence for Women ‘s Health today published of the final report by a two -year study the health of the rural, remote and northern women. This represents the largest qualitative study in Canada until now to the health concerns of these important Community.